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A Very Knittin’ Kitten Vlogmas – Dec 25

Vlogmas 2018 December 25
You can find me:

Instagram: @JustADoseOfLove *most active on here*
Ravelry: JustADoseOfLove
Twitter: JustADoseOfLove
Reddit: JustADoseOfLove
Facebook: JustADoseOfLove

2018 Vlogmas Rules:

– Post 1 Podcast or Vlog per day until December 25
– Videos will be at least 10 minutes long
– Each Vlogmas video will touch on the holiday season in one way or another

Looking forwards

2019 Goals:
52 Squares knit for my Coziest Memories Blanket

Looking backwards

2018 Goals:
2-1 Hour Fred Pryor Courses / month

Drinking: Water!


Christmas Eve cast-on!

Feel free to comment any questions or email me at!

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