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Kitten Dorm Cam – Live on Holiday

Welcome to our LIVE Foster Kitten cam, streaming rescue cats since July 2016

To watch our Foster Cats enjoying a Festive Holiday Fireplace LIVE:

12/23/18: The kittens are currently on holiday with us! This is a temporary set up, in a XL puppy play pen in the guest room. They’ll be back in their own room at home on the 28th!

Meet the 7 wonders!
Rusty = Red collar
Sunni = Yellow collar
Coco = Brown collar
Storm = Pink collar
Princess Aurora = No collar
Violet Parr = Violet collar
Indy (Indiana) = Indigo blue collar

These 3 brothers and 4 sisters were rescued by KittenRescue LA. We believe their birthday was sometime around mid-October. They were rescued around November 20th, and we accepted them into foster care November 26th. Once they reach their healthy weight goals, they will be available for adoption through

You can watch multiple camera angles here:

If you’re in the LA area and would like to meet or adopt one of our fosters please let us know at Kittendorm @ Gmail!
You can see more pictures and video of KD residents and adoptable fosters here: &

Photos of our current residents & their names: (photo collection put together by Ali!)

Please check out more adorable kitties at our fellow foster homes & LIVE kitten cams:
Kitten Cuddle Room –
Foster kittens available for adoption here in Los Angeles
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They have wonderful kitties available for adoption for all you Midwestern viewers!


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Q: Where are the kittens?
The kittens are in our guest washroom, where having tile flooring is beneficial while their gastrointestinal upsets recover. Once they get well, they will transition to our Kitten room, where they will play and grow to the optimum 2lbs required to be fixed and vaccinated and adopted!

We are currently fostering 2 adult cats as well:
Oreo’s adoption profile:
Bagheera’s adoption profile:

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are the Los Angeles, California, USA. Our timezone is Pacific Standard time.

Q: Is this stream live?
A: Yes, this is a live stream of our Kitten room. We will keep it going 24/7 until all foster kittens/cats are adopted.

Q: Are you a breeder?
A: No, we foster stray or feral kittens only. Once kittens are old enough (roughly 8 weeks) and healthy enough (at least 2 lbs) all our fosters get spayed or neutered. Foster homes like ours serve to rehabilitate semi-tame adult cats and kittens and teach them how much fun human companionship can be!

Q: I live in LA, can I adopt one?
A: Absolutely! All our fosters are available for adoption through either or You can learn more about CatLove adoption events here: You can learn more about KittenRescue adoption events here:
You can also email us at kittendorm @ gmail to fill out an application questionnaire to adopt.

Q: How much do you get paid for this?
A: We do not get any salary for this. We volunteer our time, money, and our love to help ensure these cats get the best start to their lives! We rely on our day jobs, and sometimes donations from generous cat lovers to help with food and medical bills.

Q: How can I help?
A: You can help us in a few different ways!
1. Spread the word, reblog, retweet and share our live feed and the kittens that are up for adoption.

2. You can donate food and toys, by purchasing any of the goodies we have on the kitten’s Amazon Wish List. Check our channel for past gift unveilings!

3. You can donate to our parent no-kill rescue,, or to Both these groups do excellent work with adult, senior and young cats to make sure they all find their forever families. CatLove also has their own amazon wishlist!
You can help support KittenRescue here:

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