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Pretty Kittens #3 01 01 2019

A slideshow of cute kitten photos.

My channel has been inactive for several years while I dealt with my health problems. I’ve had ADHD all of my life, but my symptoms have become more pronounced since my second stroke. (Hence, the “Brain Damaged Video”. These digital & online projects have helped me channel my ADHD symptoms, This might work for others as well. YouTube is a daily part of my schedule.

This is my first video upload for 2019. Happy New Year!

Michael Burns (AKA Web-Wildcatter)

You can reach me at

All of the photos in this video are available as “CC0” on for downloading.

The software tools I used in this project were: PhotoFilmStrip, Microsoft Paint, Audacity, and ShotCut. All were available for free and are very easy to use.

The music on this video and my entire “Pretty Kittens” series is titled “Get Outside”, from Jason Farnham . It’s available in the YouTube Creative Commons, Audio Library. Thanks Jason!

P.S. Check out Jason’s channel at:

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