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OwO meme | Bread Kitten OC

Original meme by Zeruk

Piss Of Furry Haters don’t you dare come here again😾

OC used:

Ginger (The orange one)

KittyZ (The Black and White one)

KittyMitty (The Grey Scottish Fold Kitten)

Arina (The stripe classic tabby cat)

Phantom (The shadow cat)

FlakeEye (The light cat)

MightyHero (The one that has no tail and brown)

Siblings OC:

Fredude Fazboi (My bro’s OC)

Matt (My other bro’s OC but the cat one)

Holani (My precious lil sister)

Adam Fazboi (My lil bro’s OC the one that is gold)

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